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Effectively Using LinkedIn for Sales

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for generating sales, but if you treat it like any other channel, you're going to be disappointed.

Image by QuinceCreative from Pixabay.

Thousands of followers, viral posts, huge engagement numbers — all of these are nice to have, but they don't necessarily equal success on this platform.

And methods like generic cold contacting potential customers won't work either. Business leaders are bombarded with these types of contacts daily, and most of them end up deleted or ignored.

You have to stand out as someone who can solve problems. And I echo this: Solve Problems!

✅ Optimize your profile.

✅ Updated photo.

✅ Focus on the tagline.

✅ Clear background info that establishes you as someone who has what your customers need.

✅ Keep it professional, but ensure it's approachable.

✅ Create high-quality content to add credibility.

✅ Don't shy away from sharing your personal experiences.

✅ Gather as many endorsements as you can.

✅ Identify the businesses, brands, and people who would make the best customers, and engage with them and their content.

When you do send that direct message to a potential customer, make it about them. Take a little time to do your research on that person or their company or brand, and personalize your message. Mention a mutual contact. Include a detail from their profile or from an article you read about them.

Find a way to show them that you aren't like everyone else.

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