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Why You Should Stop Giving Your Salary Ranges When Interviewing

Women, listen up! Stop 🛑 giving your salary ranges when interviewing.

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I’m helping a SAHM go back to work. She's interviewing and it's going well. It's time to talk about the uncomfortable 6-letter word: salary. She doesn’t know what to say.

100% of the time, companies know their range. In fact in order to get a rec approved someone has to approve the salary range. It’s in the budgeting. Stop devaluing your worth!

Companies are hoping you’re lower than what they’ve budgeted and the only way to know that is to tell them.

Next time say this:

✅ I need to understand the role and expectations before I give a range for this position. I’m sure you have one already, will you share it with me?

✅ Since this is a refill position and this role replaces someone, what was the previous salary range?

✅ Is your salary range inline with the average range for this type of role. Would I be able to go on Glassdoor and the comparisons be compatible? I’d like to do some research before giving my personal range.

✅ Before we move forward, I’d like to understand the companies salary expectations. I’d like to make sure it’s inline with my own.

✅ I don’t have a range right now, I’d love to understand the full package before giving one (benefits, PTO, bonuses, etc). Will you share that information with me first?

✅ I am very excited to move forward in the process. Before doing so, will you share the salary and any additional income information you have.

We are seen and valued the way we see and value ourselves. Stop low-balling yourself. Stop showing all your cards. Start taking back the control and power of what you’re paid. You are the decision maker. No one else!

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