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Being a Career-Driven Mom is like Playing Donkey Kong

Being a career-driven mom reminds me of playing Donkey Kong.

Image by Johnny_px from Pixabay.

The princess is a raise, title increase, or an opportunity I'm trying to reach. There are broken ladders everywhere and some giant gorilla keeps throwing things at me as I'm trying to get to the top.

Instead of barrels and fireballs, it's laundry, school lunches, getting kids ready for school, sick kids, nannies who don't show up, grocery shopping, dinners, mandatory parent (mom) volunteering, mom guilt, house maintenance, coordinating calendars, planning school breaks, organizing vacations, ensuring bills are paid, supporting my partner, spending time with my family, and the list goes on.

Each level gets harder and the gorilla keeps climbing some magically appearing ladder to run away with the princess.

Once I finally reach the top of the last level (if I reach the top), I have to beat this gorilla who wants nothing to do with me. A gorilla who wants me to stay at the bottom.

Does anyone else feel this way? So why do I keep doing it? Why don't I just feel complacent about where I am?

I view myself as a role model, for my 3 daughters and other women (moms or not). It may be tough to make all things work at all times and it doesn't have to.

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