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It Took One Person to Completely Change the Direction of My Life

9 years old: I had my first run-in with the police

11 years old: I was kicked out of private school for repeatedly fighting

12 years old: I stole my first car and had my second run-in with the police

13 years old: I was caught drinking at our 8th-grade class trip at six flags

14 years old: I cut school more than I like to admit and had my third run-in with the police

Image by Unsplash.

14 years old: A Coach handed me a lacrosse stick and asked me to play. I was a natural.

16 years old: I made the NY National team

18 years old: I accepted a D1 scholarship at UMass

19 years old: I was a Rookie of the year runnerup and accepted a full athletic-academic scholarship to play D1 at Sacred Heart

22 years old: I graduated Summa Cumme Laude

27 years old: I started my first company

28 years old: I made my first million

31 years old: I sold my first company

Sometimes we have to help people find what they’re passionate about. It only took one person for me to completely change the direction of my life.

I don’t like to go to “What If” land, but what if they never took that chance? Where would I have ended up?

We can’t continue to look at people (in life and business) as a lost cause but rather redirect them to something where they can shine.

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