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Maintaining Work-Life Balance as We Welcome the Newest Member of Our Family

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

You’ll never look back on life and wish you worked more or gave more to your work. But you will look back and wish time didn’t fly by so fast, your children didn’t grow so quickly, and you made family a priority over work.

Meet the newest addition to the family: Skylar Reese Dunbar. My fourth and our finale.

I always knew I wanted to be a mom. I always knew I wanted a big family. I just didn’t know I could be/have those things and still have a successful, continuously growing career.

So I carved my own path. I started my own company when I began to have children. I created my own balance to give me what I wanted; a challenging career and the space to be a present mother.

I’ll never work for a company who demands I put my family and children second. I’ve quit jobs that had that expectation. I’ve planted my feet so firm in the ground when my peers and managers questioned my dedication.

Yes, my children’s school play, dance recital, pizza party, or insert whatever, is more important than your “urgent” email. It always will be. How could it not?

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