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Why Project Managers Don't Need a PMP Certification

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

If you're not PMP certified then you're not a real Project Manager. 👌

Image by Goumbik from Pixabay.

In fact, most recruiters/companies hiring a Project Manager will go straight to that section in your resume to confirm whether or not you're PMP certified. ❌ If not, you're not a fit. ❌

💫 I have been in the Project Management field since my first job out of college.

💫 I have a Masters in Project Management from the University of San Francisco.

💫 I have my PMP certification.

💫 I even have my CSM certification.

And I'm sorry (but not really) anyone who demands a PMP cert does not understand Project Management. Some of my best PMs never even open the PMBOK Guide or know what PMI or PMP even means.

Being PMP certified just means you're good at reading a book, possibly taking some courses, and you can pass a test.

I want hands-on, real-life experience over the ability to read and test-take.

Stop looking for those 3 letters when making the decision to interview or hire someone and instead spend the time looking at their true experience and how they think/work.

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