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Evaluating the Weaknesses in Your Sales Prospecting Process

Do you ever feel like you're just wasting your time trying to reach potential customers? 😓

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I've found that people who fall into this rut usually have some glaringly obvious weaknesses when it comes to sales prospecting.

🔹 Sales prospecting: the process of finding and reaching out to potential customers in order to make sales.🔹

It's a process you need to learn and perfect. Break it down into steps, find your weaknesses, and work on them. Perfect your process.

Maybe you aren't qualifying your leads. Maybe you're selling too early. Maybe you're not using the right channels or you give up too easily. Maybe you don't follow up enough.

Also, keep these stats in mind:

◼️ Half of your leads aren't right for your product or service

◼️ Less than a quarter of your emails will be opened

◼️ About a third of all people will judge your email based on the subject line alone

◼️ It can take nearly 20 calls to connect with a customer

With numbers like those, you really can't afford to have any weaknesses.

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