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Your Target Audience isn't Going to Magically Appear on LinkedIn

I have a secret: Your target audience isn't going to magically appear on LinkedIn.

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You can optimize your profile. Add pretty pictures and interesting tag lines. Make a few random connections.

But if you don't take these next steps, you're just wasting your time:

1️⃣ Know your buyer persona

2️⃣ Know how to find the people who match it

3️⃣ Know how to engage them to form REAL connections

I like to think about how my buyer persona would use LinkedIn. Who are they following? What kind of content do they interact with?

Once I have an idea of who I'm looking for, I start my search. LinkedIn has great filters. Use them! And don't be afraid to take a look at who is engaging with your competitors.

Once I find the people who match my buyer persona, I engage organically. Comment on their content. Connect. Create content they might like. Reach out, but don't start with a sales pitch.

Tell them who you are, how you found them, or what you like about their profiles.

This little bit of extra effort can be the difference between a failed or successful LinkedIn sales strategy.

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