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Taking an Omnichannel Approach to Sales

If you're not taking an omnichannel approach to sales in 2023, you're missing out on huge sales opportunities. 📉 But I have a quick hack that will help you get caught up.

Image by geralt from Pixabay.

Start with LinkedIn.

I've talked about knowing your buyer persona and finding your target audience on LinkedIn. It's an invaluable search tool for rounding up leads.

But just because you find them on LinkedIn, it doesn't mean you have to contact them here. Unless you do it just right, you're likely to be ignored anyway.

Instead, think of it as a way to get to know them — your own little source for data collection.

Use the data you gather from their profile to send a hyper-personalized email with your offer. 📧

This allows you to start a conversation rather than make a sales pitch.

I guarantee you'll end up with more connections.

Scratch that. I guarantee you'll end up with more meaningful connections that will impact your bottom line.

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