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Onboarding Freelancers

Why do companies struggle so much when using freelancers? Because your onboarding sucks.

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We don’t give the same attention to our freelancers as we do FTEs. I get it. Freelancers can leave the very next day. Well, so can your FTEs.

I’ve built teams made solely of hundreds of contractors. The key to its success was creating an onboarding process that enabled the fastest scale time with a straightforward process.

If you’re planning to hire task-completing freelancers then these are a must:

✅ A ramp up period

✅ Repeatable process easily outline

✅ Workflow management tool or time tracking tool

✅ Ongoing checkins for 360 feedback

✅ 1 to 10 ratio. 1 person shouldn’t be managing more than 10 full working freelancers at a time

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