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What is Micromanaging and How Can We Break the Cycle?

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

It does not make sense to hire smart people to then tell them exactly what to do and how to do it. We bring these people onboard to bring new views, challenge our current thinking and processes and guide us to be better.

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When we micromanage, we disable some of our brightest, most capable employees. So, what is the difference between micromanaging and managing? 👇🏻

❗️Doesn’t trust others vs. Allows for space to make mistakes and gives feedback

❗️Frequently asks for updates vs. Sets a feedback cadence

❗️Measures and monitors everything vs. Identities the key important metrics

❗️Needs to feel in control vs. Handing over control to others for a better result or product

❗️Too focused on the smallest details vs. Focused on the bigger perspective

❗️ Take back delegated work before it's finished if they find a mistake in it vs. Takes the time to give thoughtful, constructive feedback

How is a micromanager born:

Lack of trust in team ➡️ increased control ➡️ decreased leadership effectiveness ➡️ lack of team self-sufficiency ➡️ decreased performance ➡️ lack of leadership trust ➡️ Lack of trust in team

How do you break the cycle?

✅ Practice delegating

✅ Set clear expectations

✅ Find what motivates employees and manage through those

✅ Ask direct reports how they want to be managed

✅ Make upfront agreements

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