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Remove the Friction from your Buying Process

Why do we make buying so hard when we have a buyer with the intent for an immediate purchase?

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It’s been two weeks. Two weeks of me trying to buy a plug-in upgrade for a system I use. I know I want it and I’ve made that super clear. Yet here I am begging the company to just let me buy it without all the hoops.

I went to their online chat. Told them exactly what I wanted. Chat person said I had to have a meeting 📆because they couldn’t price out the cost.

So I scheduled the meeting. Before the meeting, I got a full page email asking me 8 questions to fill out 🤦🏻‍♀️ so I did.

When I got on the meeting, the person I actually needed to talk to didn’t show. So the other person asked me the same 8 questions I answered in the email 😤

I told the person in the meeting. I know I want A and B. A was a self served purchase online so that was easy but this additional plug-in B had to be custom purchased. I just needed that monthly cost 💲 and a way to buy it. The person in the meeting couldn’t give it to me.

A day later I got an email quoting me $25k a year. When the main thing I purchased was $5k a year. How could a plug-in be 5x more expensive!? So I replied asking this.

“Let’s jump on a call to go over it.” Was the reply 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

“I already jumped on a call. I just need B plug-in priced out.” Then 🦗🦗🦗

So here I am two weeks later, chasing down anyone who can take my credit card and let me purchase this stupid plug-in.

Why, oh why, do we make it so hard for people who are ready to buy our products!? This is why I love what we do at Skaled Consulting. We go in, find these insane processes and optimize.

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